This journal deals with the physical and sociological evolution of Man and non-human Primates. The journal draws upon the many disciplines involved in the study of human evolution and reflects the current interest in molecular evolution and genetics, as well as palaeontology and taxonomy.

Four issues per year, published in combined or separate issues.

Editor: Chiarelli, A. B;

Assistant Editor: Sineo, L., & Caramelli, D.

Editorial Secretary: Stypulkowski, C.

Publisher: Angelo Pontecorboli.

International Referee Panel: Anemone, R. L. (USA), Attanasio, A. (Italy), Ayala, F. J. (USA), Bernis, C. (Spain), Chauhan, P.R. (USA), Coppens, Y. (France), Cormack, J. L. (USA), Crawford, M. (UK), Cunha, E. (Portugal), Demeter, F. (France), Dell'Orco, S. (Italy), de Waal, F. B. M. (USA), Falk, D. (USA), Giuditta, A. (Italy), Güleç, E. (Turkey), Hilloowala, R. (USA), Ijegbai, M. (UK), Maldonato, N. M. (Italy), Martínez Fuentes, A. J. (Cuba), Parker, S. (USA), Pepeu, G. (Italy), Rhys-Evans, P. (UK), Salzano, F. M. (Brazil), Schwartz, J. H. (USA), Sugiyama, Y. (Japan), Ubelaker, D. H. (USA), Verano, J. W. (USA), Wolpoff, M. H. (USA).


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