Those present were: M. Andriola, M. Biffoni, B. Chiarelli, M.G. Fiore, S. Magherini, F. Palma.

Justified absents: P. Amato, M. Cocchi, A. De Lucia, L. Seganfreddo, M. Pissacroia, M. Pregnolato, V. Savino, V. Serino.

The following decisions were taken:

  • the second Meeting will be held at the University of Urbino;
  • the date will be on 3rd and 4th November, 2011;
  • the programmed sessions preliminarily are:


1)Biological and genetic aspects of human behavior

Chairmen: B. Chiarelli, F. Palma.

Speakers: E. Boncinelli; R. Levi Montalcini; M.G. Fiore

2)Philosophy of the mind and cognitive development

Chairmen: L. Alfieri, V. Serino.

Speakers: - M. Gori (University of Siena), Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence: Perception (Imagination?) and Creativity of the Machines; - C. Vittori (University of Siena), State of Residual Consciousness and Pathologic Cerebral Lesions: Cognitive Recovery. How Far? - E. Facco (University of Padua), Consciousness, Unconsciousness,Extraconsciousness: looking for new, infinite worlds; -V. Serino (University of Siena), Corpus, Soul, Spiritus, Corporality, Life and Entry into Other Dimensions: For a Reconsideration of Human Sciences.

3)Psychopathological and psychosomatic aspects of the psychological equilibrium

Chairmen: M. Andriola, E. Acquarini.

Speaker:F. Fabbro

4)Cultural and ethologic models of human evolution

Chairmen: G. Prato, G. Vallortigara.

Speakers : D. Mainardi; E. Alleva

5)Anatomical and psychological of human sapientization

Chairmen: L. Mecacci, S. Papa.

Speakers : J. Annese; M. S. Gazzaniga; G. Rizzolatti; M. Gulisano

6)Man and number: for an anthropology of mathematics

Chairmen: P. Amato, A. De Lucia.

Speaker: P. Oddifreddi

7)Microbiome and interactome implication in affective disorders. Experimental and theoretical aspects

Chairmen: M. Pregnolato, M. Cocchi.

Speakers: - M. Pregnolato (University of Pavia), Interactome Hypotesis of Depression. Experimental Evidences; - M. Cocchi (University of Bologna), Biological Dominions of the Cerebral Neuron and of the Enteric Neuron: A New Prospect to Biochemical and Molecular Interpretation on Intestine-Brain Pathologic Axis - G. Bernroider (University of Salzburg) - P. Zizzi ( University, Lugano, Switzerland), Logic and Schizophrenia; - E. Pessa (University of Pavia); - F. Gabrielli ( University, Lugano, Switzerland),Consciousness, Dream and Hallucination: Quantitative and Quantistic Approach to Psychiatry and Consciousness. A Online Consciousness and a Offline Consciousness?

Every speaker will have approximately 30 minutes for own presentation and for each session three speakers are foreseen. Chairmen have to organize their sessions and inviting the potential speakers.


·Editing: M. Andriola


·Communication and e-learning: Dr. M. Pissacroia

·Organization and relationship with the University of Urbino: Prof. F. Palma and Prof. L. Alfieri

·Posters, invitations, participation titles: ALTRAVISTA EDIZIONI, Pavia.

Foreign guests to be invited (by alphabetical order):

1) Jacopo Annese, Director of Brain Observatory of University of California (San Diego)

2)Michael S. Gazzaniga, Professor of Psychology at University of California (Santa Barbara) where he manages the new SAGE center for the study of the mind. He is one of the most famous researcher of cognitive neurosciences and the study of neurological bases of the mind.

3) Elkhonon Goldberg is a neuropsychologist and cognitive neuroscientist well known for his work on hemispheric specialization and the “novelty- routinization” theory.

Possible sponsors of the event are:

- ACCADEMIA EUROPEA C.S.R. I.D.E.A., Dalmine (Bergamo)





Mazzano (Brescia)



We remember that the first Meeting to commemorate Carmen Meo Fiorot was held on April 25th-26th 2010 at the Mazzucchelli Museums in Ciliverghe of Mazzano (Brescia). The proceedings of that Meeting have been published in issue n.1 of the journal Antropologia della salute.

You are kindly requested to submit your contributions and intents to participate, ideas and financial contributions for the success of the initiative as soon as possible.

Moreover, we remember that few seminars for the students of Biology and Genetics of the Behavior, Course of Psychology of the Faculty of Communication Sciences at University of Urbino, will be held, between December 2010 and February 2011, by components of the Group of Cognitive Anthropology of Florence University, promoted by Prof. Brunetto Chiarelli. The goal is prepared the students for the Meeting in November 2011.The seminars, which will be held with the cooperation of Dr. M.G.. Fiore and Dr. Stefano Magherini, cover approximately the following topics:

- The brain structures of Mammals and Primates, S. Magherini(on 7 December, 2010)


- The genetic bases of the ontogenesis of the human brain: the Homeobox genes, M.G. Fiore

(on 7 December, 2010)

- The human brain: from 500cc to1500 cc in a span of 100 generations

- MacLean’s hypothesis on the trium brain, M. Andriola (on 7 December, 2010)

- Neurons and their functional organization

- Regional organization of the human brain

- Normal behaviors and cerebral pathologies

- Lombroso and Mantegazza: precursors of cerebral researches

- Human psychology and ethology

Finally, during the gathering we have also programmed to hold a Summer School in Rapallo (Genoa) approximately in September 2011, sponsored by ACCADEMIA SOCRATICA.

Summer School on Cognitive Anthropology

Rapallo, 12-16 September, 2011

Chairmen: L. Mecacci, B. Chiarelli (University of Florence)

Possible contents:

-Cognitive Anthropology: definition and contents, B. Chiarelli (University of Florence)

-Brain Evolution, A. Fasolo (University of Turin)

-The brain structures of Mammals and Primates, S. Magherini (University of Florence)


-MacLean’s ideas on the structure and the function of the trium brain, M. Andriola (University of Florence)

-The genetic bases of the ontogenesis of the human brain: the Homeobox genes, M.G. Fiore (University of Florence)

-I.Q. testing, R. Lynn

-Consistency of psychologist testing: genetic attempt, D. Piffer (University of Durham)

-Communication: from gesture to language, S. Marongiu (University of Pisa)

-Anthropology of mathematics, B. Chiarelli (University of Florence)

-Geometry: the origin of the concept, M.G. Fiore (University of Florence)


-Mental categories and mental interaction


-Neurons and their functional organization, M. Gulisano (University of Florence)

-Regional organization of the human brain, M. Gulisano (University of Florence)

-Human psychology and ethology


-Cognitive development in humans

-Neurosciences of the social and emotional categorization, R. Rumiati, L. Papeo (SISSA, Trieste)

-Brain localization

-Columnar structure of the neocortex

-Diversification among intelligences, Zappoli

-Learning psychopathology, M. Andriola (University of Florence)

-Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging


-Transcranic Magnetic Stimulation, F. Tramonti (University of Florence)

-The neurological basis of memory

-Consciousness: a concept embracing philosophy, molecular biology and quantum computation, M. Cocchi (University of Bologna); F. Gabrielli (L.U.De.S. University, Lugano, Switzerland); M. Pregnolato (University of Pavia)

-Neural basis of visual-spatial attention, A. Zani (C.N.R – National Research Council, Italy)

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